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Final Fantasy 14 or FFXIV is one of the largest and most beloved MMOs in 2021. Even today, the game has a huge dedicated fanbase who play every day and love the game to bits. However, with such an overwhelmingly large world and game, how do you even begin to progress? That’s exactly why we’ve come up with this ultimate guide to FFXIV MSQ or Main Scenario Quests. Let’s jump right into the game and provide you with everything you need to know to progress quickly.

What Are MSQs in FFXIV?

Anyone new to Final Fantasy 14 may be wondering what MSQ means. People throw it around here and there, but it’s jargon only people who’ve been playing understand. So, in FFXIV what is MSQ all about? To put it simply, FFXIV MSQ translates to Final Fantasy 14’s Main Scenario Quests.

If you’ve ever played a game before, you might know of the difference between main quests and side quests. Main quests usually tell the story of the game as a whole, including a character’s backstory, setting, etc. Side quests are tasks you usually find throughout the game and are more optional. Hence, they’re more for fun or for unlocking items and other things than for story completion.

In this case, FFXIV MSQs are Final Fantasy’s main quests that progress the story. As such, they usually include cutscenes, voice acting, and even open up the major story and gameplay features. These include airship travel, personal mounts, grand company access, and more.

What makes FFXIV MSQ unique is that the first MSQs you’ll encounter will be based on your starting city. Hence, people starting in Gridania might have a different experience from those starting in Lominsa. However, the FFXIV MSQ lineup does converge at a certain point to streamline the experience.


When you’re playing at first, it can feel like you’ll be in the game forever before getting to the endgame. That’s why we’re here to demystify the process and provide a list of the FFXIV MSQ tasks just for you.

Each FFXIV MSQ was released patch by patch and gradually grew as players leveled up more and more. However, some of the others here are only unlocked through expansions like Heavensward, Stormblood, and/or Shadowbringers.

Unfortunately, we can’t list down every single FFXIV MSQ you’ll encounter. Hence, we’ll just run through what you might expect from each FFXIV MSQ section. Of course, you can still find an in-depth list of all the FFXIV MSQ titles, quest givers, levels, and rewards. Just head over to this handy FFXIV Wiki page for a complete list. Without further ado, here’s every FFXIV MSQ you can expect to encounter.

Seventh Umbral Era Quests (Level 1-50)

So you’ve already finished creating your character and selecting a job. What now? Well, it’s time to officially jump into your very first FFXIV MSQ at level 1. The first FFXIV MSQ lineup you’ll encounter is the Seventh Umbral Era Quests. These quests cover mostly level 1 to 50 and are part of the base game, A Realm Reborn. They were released in Patch 2.0 and have a total of 185-188 quests, depending on which city you begin.

Choosing a Lancer, Archer, or Conjurer job will land you in the Gridania Quest Chain for levels 1-15. On the other hand, Marauder and Arcanist jobs will redirect you to the Limsa Lominsa Quest Chain. Lastly, Gladiators, Pugilists, and Thaumaturges will begin through the Ul’dah Quest Chain.

As you can imagine, each city will start with a different FFXIV MSQ and progress differently. Both the Gridania and Lominsa quest chains contain 23 quests in total. However, the Ul’dah quest chain contains one more, which makes it 24, before the FFXIV MSQ lineup converges at level 15. Upon completing all of the FFXIV MSQ for levels 1-50, the story continues in the Seventh Astral Era Quests.

Seventh Astral Era Quests (Level 50)

After successfully reaching level 50, it’s time to dig into the story with the Seventh Astral Era Questline. The FFXIV MSQ under the Seventh Astral Era Quests all came from Patches 2.1 to 2.55. All of the quests here are still part of the base game, A Realm Reborn. Hence, you don’t need any expansions just yet.

The quest list under this category only has about 80 quests in total. While that may seem small compared to the 188 the Seventh Umbral Era gave, it’s still a pretty hefty task. Moreover, this number excludes the section’s required side quests and is all made for level 50.

On the other hand, some of the FFXIV MSQ you might receive here will have prerequisites. For example, the quest umbrella for “Before the Fall – Part 1” requires that you’ve already completed three side quests beforehand. These are: “Ifrit Bleeds, We Can Kill It,” “In for Garuda Awakening,” and “In a Titan Spot.”

Its second part also has one other large side quest you must fulfill before you can proceed. Specifically, this is “The Light of Hope” quest, which requires you to complete all side quests within the Crystal Tower. Thanks to these, it may take you some time before you reach the next part of the main story. However, once you do complete them, you can finally move on to the Heavensward MSQ.

Heavensward Main Scenario Quests (Levels 50-60)

Unlike the previous section, the Heavensward MSQ is made not just for 1 level, but for 10. That’s right, doing these quests take you through levels 50 to 60. However, be prepared for quite a long journey ahead, as you have to complete 94 FFXIV MSQ to move on.

As you might have expected, the Heavensward MSQ is part of the Heavensward expansion released under patch 3.0. The FFXIV MSQ list for levels 50-51 consists of 29 quests in total. These are further subdivided into four categories: the Main, Artoirel, Emmanellain, and Main Quests (Continued). Afterward, you can proceed to the rest of the FFXIV MSQ tasks this expansion brings you until level 60. Then, the story goes on in the Dragonsong War Quests.

Dragonsong War Quests (Level 60)

Successfully finishing the Heavensward MSQ will finally unlock the Dragonsong War Quests. This FFXIV MSQ list consists of 44 quests overall under Patches 3.1 to 3.55 from the Heavensward expansion. All of the quests under this category are made for level 60, unlike the previous section. Afterward, the story also continues in the next set called the Stormblood Main Scenario Quests.

Stormblood Main Scenario Quests (Level 60-70)

The next batch of FFXIV MSQ tasks on our list falls under the Stormblood Main Scenario Quests. These quests were made for levels 60-70 and were released with Patch 4.0 under the Stormblood expansion. In total, there are 122 quests in this questline and the story unfolds further in “The Legend Returns” quests.

There are 36 quests initially for just levels 60-61. Moreover, they’re subdivided into the following categories: Main, M’naago, Meffrid, and Main (Continued). After completing these, the game will allow you to move onto FFXIV MSQ designed for levels 62-70.

The Legend Returns Quests (Level 70)

In “The Legend Returns,” FFXIV MSQ tasks presented to you will all require you to be at level 70. These quests were released under Patches 4.1 to 4.56 and continue Stormblood’s original story. There are 40 quests in total under this, and the story likewise continues under the Shadowbringers MSQ.

Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests (Levels 70-80)

Patch 5.0 brought about all the FFXIV MSQ you see in the Shadowbringers expansion. As you might have guessed, these simply pick up the story from where it left off previously. There are a lot of quests under this patch, coming in at 106 in total. Moreover, you have to finish four Role Questlines before you complete this expansion pack. Afterward, the story goes on in the Post-Shadowbringers MSQ.

Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests (Level 80)

At the time of writing, the last batch of FFXIV MSQ released was under the Post-Shadowbringers MSQ. These were all made for level 80 players and continue the story from Shadowbringers. They were released under patches 5.1 to 5.55 and are currently still ongoing. In total, this section carries 51 FFXIV MSQ that you have to complete. By the end, you would have successfully reached the finish line of FFXIV (for now).

FFXIV MSQ Tips & Tricks

We’ve listed above the FFXIV MSQ tasks in existence at the time of writing. However, you may feel a little overwhelmed and still don’t know where to start, despite seeing an overview of everything. How are you supposed to go through all of the FFXIV MSQ tasks? Is there an efficient way? Here’s a quick guide that might help you resolve some of those questions.

In What Order Should You Do the MSQs?

In MMOs like these, it’s often tempting to skip the base game’s main story and simply jump into side quests. After all, there’s a sprawling world out there just waiting for you to immerse yourself in it. However, FFXIV MSQs should still be your main priority when playing the game. That’s because they contain the main story and unlock some essential content you can’t experience otherwise.

The order of the FFXIV MSQs, however, is pretty straightforward. Simply move on to the next FFXIV MSQ once you’re at the proper level requirement. However, it’s also advisable to prioritize Job Quests on the side as these will help you unlock more abilities. This can make your life a lot easier as you move forward through the game.

How Long Will the Quests Take?

As you can see, there are hundreds of FFXIV MSQ within the game. Hence, if you’re asking how to speed through the MSQ in FFXIV, you might not get a satisfactory answer. That’s because it isn’t a game you can exactly speedrun like other story-based one-off games.

To finish all the FFXIV MSQ, you have to focus a lot on leveling up. At first, you might find this to be an easy task because the game makes it easy to progress. However, things begin to slow down and become much more difficult after you reach higher levels. Leveling up suddenly needs more experience, and thus, more grinding.

Speed-Boosting Tactics

Thankfully, FFXIV does offer multiple ways for players to efficiently farm for experience, no matter the level. Of course, one way to do it is to grind for random enemies and complete dungeons multiple times. However, a few tricks do exist that might help.

For example, making use of food might be a good idea as you go on adventures. That’s because these food items grant players various buffs depending on what they eat. Moreover, these also bring the player an experience modifier for a limited time. If you play your cards right, you can level up much faster than without eating food.

On the other hand, you can also speed things up by using sanctuaries, completing daily quests, and tackling FFXIV MSQ. Tackling FFXIV is a big one, as it can give you lots of experience pretty quickly. Don’t skip them because you might otherwise miss the XP if you focus too much on sidequests.

Lastly, it’s important to make efficient use of the game’s leveling system. Obtaining extra XP can be difficult, especially as you reach higher levels. That’s why it’s also important to check the Duty Roulette and complete your daily duties. Just head to the Duty Finder after a day reset and you’ll find bonus Gil and XP upon completion. It might feel like a grind at first. However, it’s a necessary evil, especially when you’re further into the game.

Buckle Up, It’ll Take a While

Unfortunately, even with these speed-boosting tactics, you still can’t get through all the FFXIV MSQ quickly. There are hundreds of MSQs and hours of cutscenes to sit through — not to mention an entire world to navigate. It’ll likely take you 120 to 140 hours to finish the whole thing. However, if you like playing with casual pacing, it’ll likely take much longer.

Of course, you can always purchase items that allow you to skip the base game’s FFXIV MSQ. Afterward, you can immediately proceed to expansions like Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers. However, these will cost you quite a bit of real-world money. Moreover, doing this means that you’ll skip much of the narrative and won’t be familiar with certain characters and locations.

What Are the Prerequisites for Each MSQ?

The biggest prerequisite for each FFXIV MSQ is usually the level requirement you need to unlock the quest. Of course, some FFXIV MSQ requires you to reach one level to unlock and play all of them. For example, the Seventh Astral Era only needs you to be at level 50 to play all of its content. The same is true for Dragonsong, requiring players to be at level 60 for all of its MSQs.

On the other hand, some FFXIV MSQ also has specific prerequisites per questline. For example, one instance wherein you’re required to complete specific sidequests is with the Before the Fall questline. However, these are pretty rare and don’t always happen.

What Is Final Fantasy All About?

Most Final Fantasy games are usually about heroes who are called to vanquish evil and save the world. That is, more or less, the basic premise of each game. However, there are twists, turns, and changes to this formula from time to time.

Nonetheless, you’ll find similar mechanics repeated from past games in each iteration. The games will usually provide players with a host of characters they can play to progress the story. Then, they often have to explore the world, battle enemies — and on and on the cycle goes until the endgame.

The first game involved four young Light Warriors who each had one of the four elemental crystals. Through some turn of events, these crystals are darkened and they must defeat their foes to save the world.

In FFXIV, however, the story now takes place in the world of Hydaelyn. It’s a fictional planet containing multiple continents, environments, and climates — much like earth. However, the game is specifically set in Eorzea, five years after what happened in its 2010 release. Continuing from the original game, the primal dragon Bahamut has just broken out of its lunar jail. Now, it’s up to the players to stop the Seventh Umbral Calamity from happening and save Eorzea.

Final Word

There are hundreds of FFXIV MSQs within the game and it can be daunting to think of finishing them all. It takes most players over a hundred hours just to complete the main quests — or even just the base game. Moreover, with the game still evolving, there’s no telling how many more FFXIV MSQs you’ll have to sift through.

However, FFXIV isn’t critically acclaimed for nothing. It has one of the most expansive worlds with a passionate fanbase and continuous developer support. Moreover, the game pulls from all of Final Fantasy’s history, making it both fun and nostalgic to play. Getting through all the FFXIV MSQ might be intimidating when you’re just starting. However, it’s worth the effort, especially if you love massive multiplayer games like these.

FFXIV MSQ Guide: All You Need to Know About Main Scenario Quests | Robots.net (2024)
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