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6 THE SELMA TIMES-JOURNAL, FRIDAY, JANUARY 2, 1961 4 Bear teaches Teaff a Cotton Bowl lesson Im surprised our defense hem down like that but I our coach had some behind closed gates the week before the game while Teaff conducted open workouts. or 11 days to prepare and we just wanted to win it more. Alabama worked out Besides Junior, the Alabama defense was led by middle guard Warren Lyles, who had five tackles behind the line of scrimmage for 38 yards in losses. Lyles was named the defensive MVP I liked the way we were fired up before the game, said Lyles. We played.

with a sort of reckless style. Everybody was playing real hard. think it went bade to last year when we beat them 45-0. We embarrassed them and naturally they used that as a revenge motive. We knew we would have to (day well and we did.

Baylor lost four fumbles and three Interceptions, leading to all but 10 of Alabamas points. Turnovers thats the story in a nutshell, said Teaff. The victory broke a three-game losing streak for Alabama in the Cotton Bowl. Baylor has never won one. good schemes; said Ogilvie.

if not the best Physically, Baylor is one of the best they are the toughest teams we played this year Alabama ckera had the Baylor option down to perfection, shifting toward the correct side of the run almost 100 per cent of he time. Bryant was asked by a reporter if he ever in his wildest dreams thought Baylor could be shutout by his defense. The Bear growled and replied: I dont have wild dreams. Alabama held Baylors rusher Walter Abercrombie to just 18 yards on nine carries. Bryant concluded, it was a good defensive effort.

This is one 'of our best defensive teams. We played good today, but we were thin in spots. Bryant didnt mention the thin spots. He said he was proud of his sixth straight bowl triumph because winning six straight is a lot better than losing six straight and Ive had that experience, too. Baylor All-American linebacker Mike Singletary said, They had super outside speed more than we thought and they just execute you to death.

DALLAS (AP) Score another one for that 67-year-old fox, Paul Bear Bryant. The Alabama coach gave young Baylor Coach Grant Teaff a lesson in preparation New Years Day as Bryants extensive homework paid off In hi? 306th collegiate victory jk 30-21 thumping of the Southwest Conference champions in the 45th annual Cotton Bowl Classic. Our coaches beat them, was the way All-American defensive end E.J. described the thorough dismantling of the SWCs most productive offense. The ninth-ranked Crimson Tide permitted just 54 yards rushing on 35 tries to a team averaging 296 per game.

Baylor wide receiver Mike Fisher said it almost was like the Crimson Tide had somebody in the Bear huddle. They must have super scouts, said Fisher. Everything we learned over the holidays they changed. Alabama just changed up everything. I can run the in-and-in pattern and be open but I sure wasnt today.

They had everybody ready for everything we do. I do not want to say we were out-coached. Alabamas impressive victory over sixth-ranked Baylor gave Bryant his sixth consecutive bowl triumph and moved him within nine games of Amos Alonzo Staggs national record. Senior quarterback Don Jacobs completed 96 yards worth of passes, the most this year by Alabama, and placekicker Peter Kim kicked field goals of 38, 29 and 42 yards. The most valuable offensive player award went to senior halfback Major Ogilvie, who gained 74 yards rushing and scored on a 1-yard plunge.

His second quarter touchdown gave him a national collegiate record of having scored a touchdown rushing in four consecutive bowl games. Baylor, which finished the season along with the Crimson Tide at 10-2, avoided a shutout by virtue of tackle Tommy Tabors sack of freshman quarterback Walter Lewis in the Tide end zone. Baylor is the best i played this year, Notre Dame. Baylor didnt quit. Thykept coming, Junior.You just dont look at the score.

You look at the way prepared. We had 10 A Put Sarvtoa Th NMnar I A Thg AOmriteng OMMl I Bama's Major Ogilvie was selected offensive MVP Whats the best blood type? Georgia defense holds Irish Sugar rally A regular donor. decisive touchdown on a 3-yard sweep at 1:11 of the second period. Walkers first tally followed a mixup by Notre Dame kick returners Jim Stone and Ty Barber on Robinsons kickoff after his stay 10-3 just 46 seconds later on freshman star Herschel Walkers 1-yard dive over the middle and Walker added the 'We're No. Athens goes wild after Sugar win record, including 9-2-1 this season.

We have not been a team that turned over the ball deep inside our territory. That got us today. But all season Georgia has been a team that took advantage of its opponents mistakes, a team that tied for the lead nationally in turnover margin with a plus-23 in fumble recoveries and interceptions. Were not a great team, Dooley said, but were a team, and thats the only way we had to win. In the course of anything there are so many unpredictable things.

Im sure luck plays a part, but do you take advantage at it? Weve been thaaf team. We prepare to be lucky. We prepare to take advantage of the breaks when they come. They came Thursday, even after Notre Dames P)il Carter trimmed the lead to 17-10 on a 1-yard run with 54 (See DOGS, page 8) American RedCrbss another perfect season this one 12-0 by defeating seventh-ranked Notre Dame 17-10 in the 47th annual Sugar Bowl. The triumph virtually assured Georgia its first national championship in 89 years of intercollegiate football.

The Associated Press will announce the national champion for 1960 at 6:30 p.m EST, Saturday. I sure hope its us. I will be shocked if it turns out any other way, Dooley said. Dooley would have been shocked if Thursdays game had turned out any other way, especially after his opportunistic Bulldogs turned a blocked Notre Dame field goal attempt, a botched kickoff by the blundering Fighting Irish and a fumble into 17 quick points in a span of 2: 46 late in the first quarter and early in the second. Harry Olivers 50-yard field goal at 4:19 of the opening period had given the Irish a 3-0 lead before they began playing Santa Claus one week late.

Georgias Rex Robinson knotted the score at 13:15 with a 46-yard field goal, nine plays after Terry Hoage blocked a low 46-yard attempt by Oliver. The Bulldogs nosed in front to NEW ORLEANS (AP) -The date was Jan. 1, 1947. Vincent Dooley, age 14, traveled from his hometown of Mobile, to New Orleans, bent on attending the Sugar Bowl between Georgia and North Carolina. I came down hoping to buy a ticket.

My daddy gave me one dollar and I got a ride with a next-door neighbor, Dooley recalled Thursday. I thought maybe I could buy a ticket outside te stadium from someone just hoping to get rid of one. But young Vincent was out of luck. I sat on the curb next to a policeman during the Dooley said. We were only ones out there.

I remember hearing the roar of the crowd. Georgia won that game in Tulane Stadium 20-10 to cap an 11-0 campaign, but the Bulldogs only finished third in The Associated Press ratings behind, ironically, Notre Dame and Army. Dooley heard the roar of the crowd again Thursday, but this time it was for 51-year-old Coach Vince Dooley and his No. 1 -ranked Georgia Bulldogs in the Louisiana Superdoihe. It took 34 years, but Dooley finally got to see the Bulldogs complete tying field goal.

The kickoff hung in the air for 4.4 seconds and Stone and Barber both moved up to block, each thinking the other would field it The ball landed behind them at the 4-yard line, free for the taking. Had it reached the end zone, it would have been a touchback and Notre Dames ball at the 20. But Stone and Barber both dived for it, and so did Georgias Dale Carver. Carver won. He slipped under the two Notre Dame players and nudged the ball just enough for teammate Boh Kelly to recover it at the 1.

Two plays later, Walker went airborne over the top and Georgia was in front Mb good. Less than a minute into the second period, Notre Dame fullback John Sweeney fumbled and Chris Welton recovered for Georgia at the Irish 22. A 12-yard run around right end by Walker, a 7-yard keeper to the left side by quarterback Buck Belue and a pitchout back to the right to Walker produced the decisive points. Some of the things that got us here backfired a bit, said Dan Devine, who bowed out after six seasons as Notre Dame coach with a 53-16-1 alllbr (lag gnibnj your appointment today One group of revelers hauled out a green Notre Dame T-shirt and tried to start a blaze as cars snaked through the shouting mob. When the attempt fizzled, a good dousing with beer and another match turned the garment into a torch.

They are No. 1, and the ONLY No. 1, and dont ydu forget it. screamed Becky Blalock, a veterinary technician at the university who showed up for the TV party in a red T-shirt lettered, Hunker Down, Hairy Dawgs! I love it, said the Athens newcomer. Ive only been here since April, but Im already completely converted.

A friend of mine called me a Bulldog maniac. Athens was virtually deserted early Thursday, with the richer students off to New Orleans and the poorer home for the holidays. But that didnt. deter John Frazer, the 30-year-old owner of Smokes, who opened the doors of his bar at 10 a.m. Frazer, himself a fan, charged customers a dollar cover charge and nobody pushed the beer.

Nobody had to. By fourth quarter, the frenzied crowd had already downed 10 kegs and there was no sign of a slowdown. Ga. (AP) For University football fans at Smokes bar in Athens, there were only three words in the English language that were important Thursday and they were shouting those words continually Were No. At least 200 Bulldog fanatics poured from the bar on East Broad Street near the university within seconds after top-ranked Georgia defeated Notre Dame 17-10 in the Sugar Bowl.

Screaming, crying, dancing, popping open champagne bottles, they turned East road into one huge street party that finally attracted at least five squad cars of Athens police not to arrest anybody but just to see that nobody waskilled by a passing car. There was more kissing than on New Years Eve and more shouting than at a national political A Volkswagen weaving through lines of celebrants found itself being lifted off the pavement. Fully an nxir after the game ended, they were stilk dancing in the champagne-splashed street outside the bar where they had watched tie game on television. Th Amwocan Hod CfOM It7 "Before Direct Deposit I used to spend a lot of time running to Oklahoma willing to settle for third the confidence in my ability, every game. We dont do that said Watts.

You cant at Oklahoma, but that never become a quality passer made me doubt my ability. unless you throw the ball a lot Watts completed 7 of 12 passes for 128 ysrds. Meanwhile, Florida State, which ranked second in the nation in total defense, limited the Sooners explosive wishbone running game second best in the country to only 156 yards. Florida State picked up 212 on the ground and only 51 through the air. "They defensed us well, but we got a few breaks and didn't fall apart we when fell behind, mid Watte.

Ita just an example of what weve done all year long, weve had our backs to the well before and weve always fought back." aw Florida State made a last-ditch effort to win the game, but Bill Cepeccs 82-yard field goal attempt came tg) short on the final play to the The senior quarterback nearly saw the game-winning drive halted by Florida State defensive tackle Gary Futch. Watts, under pressure unloaded a screen pass to avoid a sack and Futch nearly intercepted it I was sitting down there on the ground watching him juggle it and hoping hed drop it, said Watts. When he did, I mid 1 ought to go over and pay that guy. Said Futch: When it first came down, I said, Just catch it Then the glory hog side of me said. Run! and I started running.

I just ran out from wider it Ricky Williams, the games leading rusher with 99 yarda on 19 carries, buret over left guard for 10 yards a touchdown to give Florida State a 7-0 lead with 49 seconds to go in the first half, but Watts moved the Sooners into position to score before halftime as Keeling's 53-yard field goal an Orange Bowl game record made it 74. MIAMI (AP) J.C. Watts is willing to concede the national championship to Georgia and Barry Switzer has no qualms about Pittsburgh being No. 2, bid dont dare rate Oklahoma lower than third. Weve been No.

3 so many times that thats what I wanted, Sooners Coach Switzer said Thursday night after quarterback Watts engineered a nine-play, 78-yard scoring drive in the closing minutes of an 18-17 victory oVer second-ranked Florida State in the 47th Orange Bowl. After Georgia beat Notre Dame, I told them I didnt really care about No. 2, lets go for No. 3, Switzer added, referring to the top-ranked Bulldogs' 17-10 triumph over the Fighting Irish in Thursdays Sugar Bowl. Weve been three lhore than anybody else in the last decade.

Watts threw 11 yards to wide receiver Steve Rhodes with 1 :27 remaining and then flipped a pass to tight end Forrest Valors for a two-point conversion which enabled the foerth-ranked to complete a 10-2 deposit my Social Security check. Now I only run when I want to. from me, he added. Id love to play them to see if they can beat us, but thats not possible so weU live with it Id hope wed be voted No. 2, but No.

3 would be fine. Not any lower than that Florida State, which had its bid for a perfect season rejected by Oklahoma 24-7 in the 1980 Orange Bowl, dropped to 10-2. The Seminoles only other setback was also a one-point decision. 10-9 to No. 20 Miami, Fla We played our hearts out.

Oklahoma played their hearts out said Seminoles linebacker Reggie Herring. I still feel we are one of the best teams in the country. We proved that tonight. We can play with anybody." A crowd of 71.041 watched the teams fight to a 10-10 standout for three quarters before Florida State took command early in the fourth period when Mark Luckys center snap sailed through the hands of punter Michael Keeling and Florida State's Bobby Butler pounced on It in the Sooners' end zone for a 17-10 lead with 11:87 remaining. Watts, who was the moat valuable player in Oklahomas I960 Orange Bowl victory, launched the game-winning drive with a 7-yard completion to halfback David Overstreet and fueled it with a 49-yard pus play te Rhodes and a 14-yard gatoor to Chet Winters.

Finally, he scrambled 18 yarda to set up wtththe scoring pus to Every teg) says I'm not a bet I've always had Seminole watched victory slip away MIAMI (AP) Garry Futch had an Orange Bowl victory for Florida State in his hands, but as be visualized glory the ball slipped from hfc grasp Oklahoma quarterback J.C. Watts threw under pressure right to Futch, a defensive tackle, with Florida State holding a 17-10 lead with less than two minutes to play Thursday night. But the interception got away from him and the Sooners rallied for a dramatic 18-17 victory. When it first came down, I said, Just catch it Then the glory hog side of me said. Run! and I started running.

I just ran out from under it. An interception would have killed the Sooner drive at the Florida State 21 with only 1:48 left. Instead, two plays later, Watts threw another pass to another Seminole lineman, defensive end Jarvis Cour-sey, who also had his hands on the ball. But be, too, couJUhi't bold on. On the nut play.

Watts connected with split end Steve Rhodes, in the end zone for an 11-yard touchdown and followed it with a two-point conversion pass to tight end Forrest Valors. There were too many one plays," Florida State Coach Bobby Bowden said. They made one more play than we did. We bed the chance for one play the interception but we didnt get it. Seminole corner beck Bobby Butler said run-dominated Oklahoma lock the Florida State defense by surprise by throwing so many paaaes in the final drive.

They run. run. ran. ran, Butler mid You think that they are going to pass, but you never know. Butler would have been Florida State's hero if the Seminoles had stopped the final drive He had recovered a snap fumbled by punier Michael Keeling hi the Oklahoma end tone for the goaheadtoeeb-deora earlier to the fourth quarter It wae bring there to the end zone and I Joet fell ea it, Watts' heroics made amends for the three fumbles he loot earlier to the game.

One of them preceded an 11-play, 78-yard scoring drive which gave Florida State a 7-0 lead to the second quarter and another set up Qt paces 18-yard third period field goal which lifted the Seminoles into a 18-18 tie. Butler's recovery of Keehngi fianbie accented for Florida State ether a 12- ptoy. 78-yard march with a 4-yard scoring ran for a 18-7 Oklahoma advantage and Gapect's field goal was set up by Herring's recovery of a Watts fumble at the Sooners' 14. Florida State Coach Bobby Bowden said the defeat was one of the moat rttoappnlnrtng of kto career It was ridiculous far a ball again the way they dto," ha aaM. "We had to be We knew the national as oat of the bat' we wanted to XTKIS ES and all of America that was said Watts.

to No. 1 am TWy'reJM sad i.

The Selma Times-Journal from Selma, Alabama (2024)
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