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7 PAGE NINE THE SELMA TIMES-JOURNAL, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6. 1939 Deadly Fireworks CLASSIFIED 9 For Sale, Miscellaneous 1 HOUSE plants, ivies. Gut flowers and potted plants, i Blossom Gardens. oct20-lm XMAS CARDS! Box of 22 beautiful, selected cards with name imprinted for $1.00. Pilcher-McBryde.

decl-lm 6 or Rent ATTENTION, Dairy men! Milk stools, cans, strainers, bottles, B-K powder, carrier crates and filter disk. Everything to run a dairy. Priced reasohable at Tis-siers. decl-lm CLASSIFIED AD INFORMATION It is opt necessary to come to The rimes-Journal ollice to Want- Ad Use your telephone. 11 you live out of the city, Just me what you vant to say, tell us how many times you wish to run li, and enclose tamps, chses.

oi money order to cover RATES Small type (like tins is 2c per word per insertion, with a minimum charge of 35c. LARGE TYPE (like this) is 312 cents per word per insertion, with a minimum charge of 35 cents. Classified display with largei type and white space Is Me par lech. Seven consecutive insertions, 80c per UPSTAIRS office for rent. Apply 19 Broad St.

Skinner Furniture Co. nov26-tf HOUSE, 115 Water Ave. See J. R. Twilley.

Phone 161. decl-tf 8 For Rene, Rooms ROOMS, $2.50 per week and up. Steam heated. Arcadia Hotel. nov29-lm FOR RENT Furnished bedroom, with or without private bath.

Mrs. Frank Seay, 706 Dallas. Phone 111- or dec3-tf STATE MASONS OPEN SESSIONS New Leaders Advanced To Helms Of Various Lodge Branches MONTGOMERY, Dec. 6 UP) -Alabama Masons held the 119th annual -communication of the state' grand lodge here today following elevation of William D. Hawkins, Birmingham, as grand master of the grand council of royal and select masters.

William C. Davis, Opelika, advanced to grand high priest of the Alabama Lodge of Royal Arch Masons. Davis succeeds Roscoe O. Fleming, Jasper, as head of the Royal Arch group and Hawkins replaced T. Gaines St.

John Mobile. E. F. Yielding. Florence, act-Ing grand master of the grand lodge, was elected grand master of the First Veil in the Royal Arch Lodge and becomes eligible through advancement to its highest office.

A vacancy in the office of conductor of the council in the masters group was filled by election of David W. W. Fuller, Montgomery. Elmer Lee Moss, Birmingham wa named grand steward, made vacant by advancement of officers. TREE SETS, 29c.

China, electrical appliances, heaters, novelties. Cook Hard' ware Co. decl-lm GAS RANGE, good condition. Cheap. 315 King.

Phone 810. dec6-lt pointed out to city officials way and means for continuing necessary relief programs. At least 12,000 persons in Cleveland are getting their sole food supply from Uncle Sam. And these thousands are receiving only whar the Federal Surplus Commodities corporation can ship in for them. There is little evidence or knowledge of Clevelands relief condition on the main streets of the city where business is at its best in years.

This week the FSC is giving out 14 carloads of apples and 10 carloads of flour. That is all. Schedules explain that single persons get three pounds of flour and four pounds of apples, couples get six pounds of flour and eight pound of apples and so on. Next week they will get rolled oats, butter and squash. Negroes Suffer Worst Need is most evident In the negro districts.

Steady streams of people pile in and out of the storerooms where distributing station have been set up. A woman was asked how her family gets along on just applet and flour. We make pancakes, she A man was told that he would get butter next week. His reply wks What will we put it on I havent a nickel to buy bread. In one of the better districts, woman in her 30s, dressed fashionably, walked silently into a station.

She had a good job until a few months ago, explained the super visor, and she still has tht clothes. She was followed by a woman who couldnt speak English, an aged man whose hands shook, and a woman in a cheap checked coat. Supervisors express amazement at how many get along. Some save a little of their weekly dole to have variety later. Others pool their supplies or turn the flour and apples over to families who hav other food and all share in the meals.

10 Good Lat 1.00 11.00 RATES ARE CHEAPER IF ADS ARE TAKEN FOR THIRTY CONSECUTIVE DAYS TRANSIENT CLASSIFIED ADS ARB CASH WITH INSERTION, MINIMUM CLASSIFIED CNAROE Due to cost of eet-up and collecting, no ad can be charged tor leas than too. Cash ads or those paid within 34 hours of date of insertion wlU be accepted for a almatun of lie. The Tlaes-journal will not be responsible for score than one Incorrect insertion. All corrections must be phoned to the office by 13 o'clock the followlhg hay. Ads to be run the day they are given must be In the office by 13 oclock of the same date.

CLASSIFIED AD DEPARTMENT FMOWE T7 FURNISHED rooms, meals if desired. 115 Union, phone 652. Nov 27-tf COMPLETELY furnished bedrooms, with or without private bath. Mrs. C.

M. Howard, 631 Dallas. sun-wed-fri-tf CAILLERS and Nestles, V(s-lb. chocolate bars, 15c; 2 for'25c. Carters, octl-lm FOR BUSINESS people, furnished room adjoining bath.

Heat and service. Santa Lucia, one block from Broad St. Phone 271, Miss Rose Weaver. dec6-lt Buitnesa Service FINLAND Spectacular pyrotechnic display was created when U. S.

Army infantrymen at Fort Benning, Ga. demonstratetd massed machine gun fire with tracer bullets against a mythical enemy. SELMA Tin Shop. Warm air furnaces, repairs, blow piping, general tin work. Phone 1626 al-lm 9 For Sale, Miscellaneous ight-Rope of Death RADIO-Refrigerator Service.

All makes. Melvin C. Heinz. Phone 21. a5-lm GET YOUR COAL at once and save.

Cold weather is just around the corner. Phone 212. Nut coal $5.80, lump $6.90. Still same old willey's No. 9, Water AVe.

J. W. Whitcomb, Mgr octl-lm SUITS, Plain Dresses, Coats, 50c; cash and carry. Jack-son Dry Cleaners, 1002 Selma. al8-lm MAMMYS ORANGE SUGARED PECANS A Delicious Confection For All Occasions In Pounds and Half Pounds MRS.

A. B. HOWARD 412 Lauderdale St. novl9-tf PECAN Crunch Ice cream, Chocolate Marshm allow charlotte, whip cream, and all kinds of ice cream, sweet cream. Mrs.

Henry Lloyd Son. Phone 1430. Prompt service. novl-lm SPECIAL AT PAYNES 121 Washington St. Eggs, doz.

25c Blackhawk Bacon, factory- sliced, lb 20c Sliced Hams, 20c; center-cut, lb 25c Pork Chops, lb 15c Baby Beef, T-bone and Round Steak, lb. 20c Pork Roast, lb 11c Pet Milk, 3 cans 10c Soda, 2 boxes 5c Starch, 3 boxes lOc Coffee, ground while you wait, lb. 10c Good Brooms, each Toilet Tissue, 3 rolls 10c Good Flour, 24 lbs. 68c dec6-lt 15 Wanted, Salesmen 8EE DUKES BARGAINS in good used furniture 17 Washington St. ml-lm VISIT Skinner's Bargain Basem*nt, 19 Broad St.

Used furniture, anything from parlor to kitchen at unheard of low prices. Jl-lmo (Continued from Page One) The new government headed by Premier Risto Ryti planned a customary reception for diplomats in the late afternoon. Blow at Capital? It was stated officially today that Russian planes had been sighted yesterday over Esbo. a few miles west of Helsinki. Authorities speculated that the Russians may be seeking a place near the capital for- landing infantry troops by parachute.

The gulf outside Helsinki Is thickly mined and the approaches are well fortified, making extremely difficult any attempt by the Russian fleet to get close enough to shore to land troops. Political circles felt that the Russian command could not long endure the humiliation of being held at hay by a nation of Finlands size. New snow today was greeted enthusiastically by military authorities. They counted it a heavy advantage for Finland's famous skiing machine gunners and infantrymen. No cannonading wgs heard in Helsinki Itself today.

SELMA ARMS COMPANY Guns, Locks, Bicycle Repairing Authorized Distributors American Flyer Bicycles (On Easy Terms) We make keys, repair typewriters, open safes. Phone 1367 1114 Alabama Ave. octl-lm kWARM AIR furnaces cleaned, repaired and installed. Hayes Tin Shop. Phone 1480, oct24-lm OBRIEN Plumbing 1106 Selma Ave.

Phones 231 night 560. octl-lm FURNITURE Shop. General Repairing. 7 Washington. Phone 632.

Huffman Bros. D3-lmo HERES a real value. Cushman Auto-Glide motor bike. This motor has never been used for service. Guaranteed to look and perform practically the same as new.

De luxe model, with all extra attachments. Factory price $159.50, can be bought from us for $89.50. See us at once. Skinner Furniture Co. nov26-tf WILL Pay Straight Salary $35.00 per week, man or woman with auto, sell Poultry Mixture to Farmers.

Eureka Mfg. East St. Louis, 111. 5-2t 16 Lost and Found TAKEN Up Sow and two pigs. Both ears cropped.

Owner may claim by paying keep and ad. W. C. Roberts, Rt. No.

2, Orrvllle. 6-lt TOYS! Big, sturdy constructed red Wagons, each $1.95 Extra Heavy Duty Wagons. The Champion, ball bearing $5.95 Tricycles, streamlined $1.95 and Up Scooters, pneumatic tires, ball bearing brakes. Will last for years. See these before you buy.

SKINNER FURNITURE CO. 19 Broad Street nov26-tf dropped in northern Finland, was said to have been captured near Salmijarvi on the Finnish-Norwe-gian border. Thousands of Finns strung all along the nation's lake-studded frontier facing Russia observed independence day while clinging to their trenches or pillboxes, or giving ground slightly before the red onslaught. Finnish aviation had opened its offensiv despite low-hanging clouds and snowstorms, a Finnish army communique reported. The fliers, far outnumbered by the mighty red air corps, were said to have attacked Russian troop concentrations yesterday while on reconnaissance.

(The communique also said 64 Russian tanks had been destroyed in the week-old war, and that enemy losses numbered 2,000 men. (A communique of Russias Leningrad command declared, all tanks participating in hostilities since Nov. 30 are present, and Finnish troops did not capture a single one. ((The Russian report declared only two Soviet planes had been brought down by the Finns, while two landed on Finnish soil vyhen the pilots lost their bearings because of bad weather. (The Russian command also denied the cruiser Kiroff had been damaged and two destroyers sunk in action against Finnish fortifications st Hango, at the mouth of the Finnish gulf, as the Finns reported last Friday.

(Shells of the Finnish coastal artillery missed the cruiser Kiroff by two and a half to three miles and caused merry animation and jeering among the crews of the Soviet warships, the communique said.) Speculating- on the course of the Russians' westward drive in the Kuolajarvi sector, observers assumed their planes would bomb heavily the railway communications between Roveniemi and Fin- lands Bothnian seaport, Kemi, op- posite the Swedish iron port of Lulea, Any Russian naval attempt to penetrate the Gulf of Bothnia, I however, seemed to- have been -blocked effectively by Swedish and Finnish mines and Finnish guns being placed on the Aland Islands at the mouth of the gulf. Russian attempts to advance southward from the Arctic coast had not yet overcome the Finnish resistance at Petsamo, according to reports reaching Kirkenes. Two Finnish fishing boats loaded with refugees were reported sunk by Russian warships while trying to reach Varangerfjord from districts west of Petsamo. All aboard were said to have been lost. The half-light of the Arctic day and the long nights are allies of the Finns.

The natural blackout greatly hampers Russian aerial activity. The Finns also count on the snoyy to help them, giving their GET our estimates on paint-ing and paperhanging. Reliable. Verzal Studios. Phone 332.

novl-lm WHY PAY $35.00, when you can live in modern home at less than $25.00. Contact H. J. Koski Builders. novl2-lm LADIES and Gentlemen, have your suits and coats remodeled and relined.

Also any kind fur work done by Joe Berger, back of Lilienthals. dec6-4t 1 Announcements 17 Poultry and Live Stock FOR SALE Four or five acres of land on Old Orr-ville Road, 3 miles out. Reasonable. Mrs. Ellen H.

Lloyd. Phone County 7723. oct29-tf 18 Real Estate FOR SALE Eighty acres level land and residence on highway. $700.00 cash, balance on easy terms. Cecil M.

Ross. Phone 718. dec6-lt 19 Seeds and Plants MUST SELL at once, 1936 Ford Coupe, good mechanical condition, a bargain. Small down payment, balance on time. See A.

B. Howard, Times-Journal office. decl-tf CALL 210 for Red Top Cab. Prompt service. Ed Reynolds.

octl-lm CONDEMNATION (Continued from Page One) The United States government began a series of steps to aid the besieged people of Finland and emphasize its condemnation of Soviet Russia. Secretary of Treasury Morgen-thau, on instructions from President Roosevelt, gave orders that Finlands forthcoming semi-annual debt payment of $234,693 be held in a special account. Miy Roosevelt indicated he would ask congress for authority to use $he money for the benefit of the Finnish people. The president denied firmly at a press conference yesterday that Russia might consider such action unneutral. A question raisin this possibility presupposed, hs said, that perhaps the funds would be used to send airplanes to Finland.

Actually, he adjied, the money might be used to help the wounded or refugees. The state department was ready, meanwhile, to join with the Latin American republics in a Pan-American denunciation of the Russian invasion. Reliable sources said also that governnient credit agencies were studying the possibility of advancing credits to Finland. The little republic has indicated she wants to purchase military supplies here, ranging from rifles and light field artillery to airplanes. The state department announced the American Red Cross was beginning a survey to ascertain what the relief needs of Finland would be.

(At Palo Alto, former President Hoover undertook'to Bet up an organization to appeal for and co-ordinate United States contributions to the homeless in Finland.) Today was the twenty-second anniversary of Finnish independence, and it was almost certain that Mr. Roosevelt would send the government a congratulatory message, much stronger than the usual anniversary greetings. There were indications that decisions as to invocation of the United States neutrality act and severance of diplomatic relations between the United States and Russia might be aw'atting the outcoma of possible peace negotiations between Russia and Finland. President Roosevelt threw his authority behind the foreign policy of Secretary Hull with ironic comments yesterday as to sources of criticism. He said at his press conference that, with regard to the general method of handling foreign policy from day to day what Secretary Hull was doing must be very good indeed and have the approval of tha great mass of the American people.

This was obvious, he contended, because of the criticisms and accusations coming in. They arrived, he said, In larga part from sources: 1. The Soviet press. A portion of the Nazi press. The publicity expert of the republican national committee and the Hearst newspapers.

All, he said, were in substantial accord in attacking United United States foreign policy. 2. Statesmen of Russia and Germany and a comparatively small number of politically-minded people in the United States house and senate. Senator JB a Idaho) soli tided a warning that severance of diplomatic relations between th United States and Russia might draw the Soviet and Nazi governments more closely together and thus prolong the European war. Criticizing those who he said would stampede President Roosevelt into breaking off relations, he declared he could not see how such action would aid Finland.

SHOP early for your Xmas photograph. Artcraft Studio, Broad St. octl9-lm BUY your toys from us and save. Choose what you want from our big assortment and have it charged. Skinner Furniture Co.

nov26-tf Balanced 65 feet above ground on a power line, 19-year-old Howard Meyers of Laurelton, L. threatened to leap. Affr more than three hours aloft, he was rescued by Patrolman John Albert seen at left, seizing th' youth. Note firemens net below. ski troops an advantage in moun- apparently had lost control.

The n-inous Terrian. air ministry said British0 fighters Snow in some sections of Fin- taken to the air. but had been land already is drifting six feet i Prevented by bad weather from deep, and progress through wooded sections is practically impossible without skiis. XMAS GIFTS that are different; Hundreds of choice articles to select from. Exquisite religious Xmas eards, plaques, pictures, etc.

Reasonably priced. Atwell Floral Co. decl-lm 35 Miles Covered By Invading Red Army KIRKENES, NORWAY (AT THE FINNISH FRONTIER), Dec. 8 (IP) On this 22d anniversary of Finnish independence, a Soviet Russian army was reported to have driven almost a fifth of the way across northern Finland apparently under orders to cut the country in two. This army was said to have penetrated 35 miles into Finland, reaching Kuolajarvi, on the seventh day of the war, and leaving only 150 miles to be traversed before Finland would be bisected.

Completion of the drive would put red forces on the Swedish border. Just beyond the border lie Sweden's rich iron mines. Observers saw in the relentlessly developing Russian strategy a great menace to Sweden apart from the disaster it might mean for Finnish troops in the far north. Region Not Strategic Finnish sources contended the i Russian advance was discounted in advance because the region already penetrated is practically uninhabited. The Finns declared the invaders would encounter "unbreakable resistance when they reached Finnish defense positions west of Kuolajarvi.

The base of this Russian crosscountry thrust was reported to be Kandalaksha, at the western most extremity of the White Sea, railway station nearest the Finnish border in that region. Kandalaksha lies 50 miles east of the Finnish border. In reaching Kuolajarvi, the Russians also gained access to a good highway running 110 miles northwest to the important communications center of Rovaniemi, where Finlands arctic highway continues northeast to Petsamo and a railway runs southward to the Gulf of Bothnia between Finland and Sweden. To support this drive, the Soviet Union continued the landing of thousands of troops along Petsamo Fjord and aerial forays for recon-noitering and bombing. Finns Fight Stubbornly Finns, fighting stubbornly in the cold and twilight of the Arctic, told of repulsing sporadic Russian attacks and of shooting down a Russian bombing plane.

A detachment Of 200 red soldiers, apparently part of the parachute infantry Legal Notices DALLAS Grass, Onion and Cabbage Plants. Selma Seed Store. "Red Kendrick. dec3-lw LET OUR expert landscape artist place your shrubbery at no extra charge. Tillman Hatchery.

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Purity Locker Plant, decl-lm SHAEFFER and Waterman Fountain Pens, Leather Bill Folder and other leather goods. We imprint your name in gold without extra cost. Pilcher-McBryde. decl-lm (Continued from Page One) tive problems. Further commenting on Mayor La Guardias remarks, Gov.

Bricker said: "Ohios record in social betterment compares with any state in the union, including New York. Nobody is starving in the state of Ohio, and nobody will starve in the state of Ohio. I have already 25 Farm Lands (Continued from Page One) ministry said it presumed was engaged in mine-laying operation crashed into the sea early today off Sheringham, Norfolk. Wreckage of the twin-engined monoplane and the body of its pilot were washed ashore. The pilot FOR SALE Reduced price for 210 acres known as Turner place, 3 Yi miles south of new bridge, four houses, level, well drained.

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1110 Morgan's Alley ls3t LEGAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has rompletea the construction pi the Senior High School P. W. A. Docket, Ala. 1265 P.

for the city of Selma, Selma, Ala. Any person or persons having claims against the undersigned in connection with the project are requested to file said claims immediately with the undersigned at Selma, and the city of Selma. Pinal payment in connection with the project will be made on December 26th 1939. Signed BATSON COOK COMPANY 26-24t LIME SULPHUR, oil emulsion and ethylene emulsion. Tillmans.

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7-lw SOUTHERN Liquid Meat Smoke, pint, 35c; Sausage Casing Tillmans, decl-lm BEAUTIFUL lintTof leather puries and billfolds. Priced $1.00. Tillmans, decl-lm SUICIDE VERDICT BIRMINGHAM, Dec. 6 (JP) Coroner Gip M. Evans reported a verdict of suicide today in the death of Wayne Wilson.

29, whose body was found last night in an automobile parked, before an undertaking establishment. Evan said Wilson had a gunshot wound in the head. A pistol, note and two insurance policies were found beside the body LEGAL NOTICE Notice to Creditors of Estate of Lula McCuUopi. Letters Testamentary upon the Estate of said decedent having been granted to the undersigned on the 28th day of November, 1939, by the Probate Judge of Dallas County Alabama, notice ia hereby given that all persons havlhg claims against said estate are hereby required to present the same, duly sworn to. in the frobate Court of laid county within the time allowed by law, or else same will be forever barred.

MATT WAUGH Executor. Pitts A Pitta Attorney 29-8-13 FOR XMAS Gifts, Novelties, Cut Flowers, Plants. Robin-son-Blanton, Florists. dee6-lm Spectators were jeering, not cheering, when parade of nearly 200 strikebreaking workers passed by, flanked by po'ice gu-rd in auto strike history, en route to Detroit's Chrysler plant The plant has been closed since Oct 6 by controversy between workers and management.

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