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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1988 Police Report Pellet gun I from A a Water briefcase in Avenue her home. resident shootings and band. reported hit in that the she face by was her harrassed ex-husIn separate cases, two juveniles Dan-Mal Motors reported were shot with a pellet gun. In one theft of a tire from a vehicle in the case, police reported that the youth parking lot. was "shot in the posterier." In the in Magic Hair reported the theft of second case, the victim was shot by three letters from its marquee.

a classmate. The assault was An Eighth Avenue resident reported by Selma Medical center reported the theft of a motorcycle where the youth went 1 for treat- from his front yard. ment, police reports said. A Washington Street resident 1 A' Satterfield Street resident that someone broke out reported reported to police that she was the rear window of his pick-up threatened by her ex-boyfriend truck. who tried to force her into a car.

A. Magnolia Street resident A Route 7, Selma resident reported that someone cursed her. reported that he was hit with a A Selma Avenue resident stick at work. His assailant was an reported that someone stole $650 acquaintance, he told police. worth of property from his porch.

A Martin Luther King Street I Big No. 1 reported that someresident reported to police that her one left without paying for merbrother stole $700 worth of jewelry chandise. Markets Wall Street NEW YORK (AP) Stock prices finished narrowly mixed in dull trading today as the market took a breather from the deal-driven dealings that have dominated activity over the past week. NEW YORK The Dow Jones average of 30 industrials rose 3.02 to 2,173.36. Losers nearly paced gainers on the New York Stock Exchange with 701 up, 727 down and 525 unchanged.

Big Board volume totaled 155.19 million shares, against 170.59 million the previous session. The NYSE's composite index was up .02 at 158.87. Livestock MONTGOMERY (AP) Alabama cattle auctions: Monday's receipts at four markets 3,500 compared with 3,306 previous Monday. Slaughter classes: Steers: Choice 2-4, 1050-1350 lbs 68.00- 72.75, bulk 89.00-71.25; select 2-3, 1050- 1350 lbs 67.00-68.75. Cows: Brkg uty 2-4, 42.00-46.50; cut bon uty 1-3, 40.00-48.00, up to 51.00; can low.

cut 1-2, 37.50-41.75. Bulls: Yg 1-2, 1000-2000 lbs 52.00-58.00, low-yielding down to 48.25. Calves: Sel che 300-400 lbs 67.00-73.00; 400-500 lbs 60.00-69.00. Feeder classes: Steers: Med 1ge 1, 200-250 lbs 115.00- 130.00; 250-300 lbs 110.00-115.00; 300-350 lbs 98.00-110.00; 350-400 lbs 95.00-103.00; 400-450 lbs 90.00-99.00; 450-500 lbs 83.00- 92.00; 500-600 lbs 78.00-85.50; 600-700 lbs 72.00-80.00; 700-800 lbs 66.00-73.00; 800- 900 lbs 60.00-68.00. Sml 1, 200-300 lbs 90.00-100.00; 300-400 lbs 82.00-92.00; 400- 500 lbs 74.00-82.00; 500-600 lbs 65.00-75.00.

Med 1ge 2, 200-300 lbs 90.00-110.00; 300- 400 lbs 80.00-90.00; 400-500 lbs 75.00-85.00; 500-600 lbs 70.00-80.00; 600-700 lbs 65.00- Securities of Interest Selma Quotations shown are furnished by the Office of Sterne, Agee Leach Inc. and reflect prices as of 3 p.m. Central Time Those securities which are listed on an exchange or in the National Market System are shown as a last sale. Other OTC quotations reflect bid prices in the interdealer markets. Prices do not reflect markup, mark down or commission.

Price Net Change Alabama Federal Alabama Power $4.20 Pfd. 40 Allied Products AmSouth Bell South Big Bruno's Central Bancshares. Colonial Bancgroup A Delchamps. Durr Fillauer. Eastman Kodak Energen Exxon Corporation 45 Alfa.

11 First Ala. Bancshares Altus Corporation 5 Coca-Cola. General Motors Golden Enterprises Healthcare Services Health South Hospital. Corp. of America J.

C. Penney. 53 IBM International Paper. Intergraph Fund Alabama. 10 KinderCare Mobil Mobile National 9 Morrison.

New Southland Nat. Life': Norfolk Southern. Pacific Proctor Gamble 83 Protective Corp 13 QMS, Inc. Raytheon 73 Russell. SCI Systems 13 Sandwich Chef.

Schlumberger Scana Corp Sears PepsiCo Shoneys Sonat Southern Company 221 South Trust. TMK Torchmark United. 32 11 Utah Power and Light 31. VF Corp Winn Dixie. WalMart.

New York 407.65 New York Silver 6.24 2173.36 NASDAQ. 386.12 CONSISTENT, QUALITY, INVESTMENT SERVICES Sterne, Agee Leach, Inc. Members New York Stock Exchange Thomas R. Boyd 808 Alabama Ave. Selma, Alabama OUR EMPLOYEE SELMA TIMES-JOURNAL, State Suing Alfa MONTGOMERY Three policyholders have filed a $25 million suit against Alfa claiming directors dipped into a $220 million surplus built up in three related insurance companies.

The suit contends the alleged surplus should have resulted in lower rates for policyholders, but instead profited the directors. The trio claims directors of three related mutual insurance companies improperly turned over assets to Alfa for less than fair market value and obtained numbers of shares of Alfa Corp." for their personal benefit. The suit, filed by Julian Elgin, Robert O'Connell and Lloyd S. Taylor, named as defendants the Alfa Corp. and directors of Alfa Mutual Insurance Alfa 1 Mutual General Insurance Co.

and Alfa Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Alfa formerly was known as the Alabama Farm Bureau Federation. Elgin, a former member of the board of the Montgomery County Farm Bureau Federation, said he was terminated as a director and a member after he complained about the matters covered in the complaint. Employment rises MONTGOMERYAlabama's unemployment rate dropped last month to 6.7 percent its lowest mark this decade, the state Department of Industrial Relations reported. The state's jobless rate stood at 7 percent in August, but it dipped three-tenths of a percent in September.

That's the lowest rate since May 1979, when the unemployment 1 mark also stood at 6.7 percent. The jobless rate in September 1987 measured 7.1 percent. Gov. Guy Hunt, speaking at Tuskegee University where he took part in the announcement of a $5.5 million grant to the school, said the jobless rate was "wonderful news." Hunt said the steady decrease in Alabama's unemployment rate and the creation of 62,000 new jobs in the last two years means a better way of life for Alabamians. Alabama's economic revolution is far from complete if we don't extend it to our rural counties, where our people have lived for too many years in the shadow of progress, never quite stepping into the light," he added.

MEET JOSEPH (JAY) C. DAVIS, JR. Age: 33 Birthplace: Selma Years in Selma: 29 years Years at The Times-Journal: 17 years. (I began my newspaper career as a newspaper carrier) Job: Business manager Favorite quote: The squeaking wheel gets the grease (the late Henry Lloyd) Parents' best advice: After getting grades on a report card, "you are capable of doing better, however, you just don't apply yourself." I don't know if I'm any better at "applying" myself, but I try awfully hard. Hobbies: Boating, skiing (both water snow) Church: Elkdale Baptist Church Spouse's name: Cathy Street Davis Children (names and ages): Hailey Elaine Davis, 3 months Favorite book: Anything by Lewis Grizzard.

I can't sit still long enough to read more than a chapter or two at a time though Favorite musician: I can't think of a favorite. As long as it is rock'n roll, I like it Favorite star: Beverly D'Angelo If I had all the money in the world, I would: Purchase (own) a newspaper If I could travel anywhere in the world, my first stop would be: I'd alternate between Hawaii the Rocky Mountains How I spend my leisure time: Boating. And on a rare occasion, just plain doing nothing. I like Selma because: Its size, people history Favorite Person: My wife Cathy, and the other woman in my my daughter Hailey. The Selma Times Journal Obituaries Dorothy D.

Ochwat Dorothy Duncan Ochwat, 73, died Tuesday in a local hospital. Services will be 2 p.m. Thursday in Lawrence Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. Russell Morrow of- Weather Mostly sunny Wednesday, mostly sunny. High in the mid-70s.

Wind variable 5 to 10 mph. Wednesday night clear. Low in the mid-40s. Thursday mostly sunny. High in the upper 70s.

SUMMARY: Tuesday started very chilly in Alabama but temperatures peaked in the low and mid-70s in the afternoon. Most of the state had sunny weather much of the day. Clouds ficiating. Burial will be in New Tampa, Fla; and a number of Live Cemetery, Lawrence, nieces and nephews. Funeral Home directing.

Mrs. Ochwat is survived by her Pallbearers will be Mike husband, Richard S. Ochwat of Chandler, Pat Harrison, J.1. Selma; a sister, Linda L. Harrison Chandler, James Chandler, Bobby of Selma; a brother, Jim Duncan of Burnett and Patrick Harrison.

were increasing late in the day Thirty-six-hour rainfall, none. over the north and west. Moderate drying potential WedHighs Wednesday in the upper nesday and Thursday with near 10 60s and 70s. hours of sunshine Wednesday and Considerable sunshine 8 to 10 hours Thursday. Lowest pected Wednesday and humidity 35 to 40 percent WedEXTENDED FORECAST: nesday and 40 to 45 percent Increasing cloudiness statewide Thursday.

Moderate dew WednesFriday with a chance of rain north day night drying off by 9 a.m. and west. Rain more likely Satur- TROPICAL STORM: day and Sunday. Lows in the 40s The large elongated area of and 50s. Highs in the 60s and 70s.

cloudiness and thunderstorms exAGRICULTURAL FORECAST: tending from just east of the LessA weak surface trough will move er Antilles to near the coast of across north Alabama but high Africa is associated with several pressure will dominate the westward moving tropical waves. weather over most of Alabama Tropical storm formation is not through Thursdav. expected through Wednesday. The Daily Record Fire Calls Hospitals Selma; Amelia Bishop, Billingsley; and Willie Wilkerson, Camden. As reported by the Selma Vaughan Regional DISMISSED: Reginald Fire Department.

FRIDAY Williams, Selma; and Ruth ColADMITTED: Johnny Frye, eman, Viola Thomas, Sardis. 7:04 a.m. American Candy Warehouse on Washington Street, Rebecca Thomas, Selma; Tanika checkout smokesmell. Gooden, Marion; and Jesse Messer, MONDAY Jones. ADMITTED: James Mackin, DISMISSED: Louise Ellis, Edward Maull, Ann Armstrong, Emergency Runs Velma Jackson, Clarence McCon- Tamantha Day, Selma; Willie nell, Selma; Tammy Jackson and Carter, Minter; Pamela Baker, As reported by Haynes Am- baby boy, Pine Hill; Annie Ratliff, Thomasville; Audrey Pate, Lawley; bulance Maplesville; Cynthia Stough and Jerry Frost, Marion; Bertha 3:17 a.m.

Minter Avenue, no baby girl, Plantersville; and Bev-. Thomas, Snow Hill; and Frances services needed. erly Wilson and baby girl, Minter. Martin, Camden. 8:06 a.m.

Winthrop Court, SATURDAY DISMISSED: Brenda Lofton, siezure. ADMITTED: Susan Driver, Dorothy Prevo, Selma; Andre 8:33 a.m. Sardis, hypothermia. Clanton; and Andre Dobynes, Dobynes, Sprott; Susan Driver and 12:42 p.m. Water Avenue, back Sprott.

twin boys, Clanton; and Willie pain. DISMISSED: Laquesha Dixon, Mae King, Marion. Willie Martin, Eva Olds, Selma; State Troopers Joe Coleman, Alberta; and Selma Medical Center Dorothy Hepstall and baby boy, MONDAY No accidents with injuries were Thomasville. ADMITTED: the Alabama State Howard Nalley, reported by Selma SUNDAY Thomas Harville, Henry Edwards, Troopers, post. ADMITTED: Nanette Ammons, Gaston Williams, David Yes, Charlie Brown, There is a "Great Pumpkin" and it's at Peoples Bank and Trust Company, Kids come by our Downtown office between now and Halloween and see The Peoples Bank (Great Then, on October 31st, visit our Ghost and Goblins for a Halloween Treat.

the Peoples Bank and Trust Company 310 Broad St..

The Selma Times-Journal from Selma, Alabama (2024)
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