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DECEMBER 20, 1970- -THE SELMA TIMES-JOURNAL-3 As Many As 6,000 Viet Servicemen Home On Leave By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS SAIGON (AP) As many as 6,000 American servicemen are spending Christmas' at home under the new leave policy for troops in Vietnam, U.S. Command said today. Pan American World Airways and World Airways are running low-cost charter flights to Oakland, and to New York for servicemen who want to go home for 14 days under the new program. A round trip to the UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT GERALD H. GILBERT Sean's Minty 80 WEST Across from Holiday Inn Ph.

872-1194 West Coast costs $350, compared with a regular one-way economy fare of about $510. "Charter flights are allocated to all military regions in Vietnam based on troop strength," a U.S. spokesman said. "That way the man in the boondocks will get a chance to home." He said some GIs are also going home on regular commercial flights and by hitching rides on military planes. "A lot of guys won't want to go, the spokesman said.

"There is no way to anticipate how many will not take advantage of the leave policy and fares." He said some men are scheduled for rest and, recuperation leaves, or and at cities in Southeast Asia during the Christmas holidays. The new leave program went into effect last month. The twoweek leave it offers is in addition to the five to seven days of and that every GI in nam gets during his, one-year tour in the war zone. When a serviceman goes on and his transportation to and from such places as Hong Kong, Bangkok and Hawaii is paid by the military. But when he goes home for leave under the new policy, he normally has to make his own arrangements.

Servicemen on leave are eligible to travel to the United States on military aircraft when space is available, but they must have a return commercial ticket to ensure they are back in Vietnam on time. Many GIs won't be able to go home for Christmas because they can't afford the fare. But many others due to be discharged during the ChristmasNew Year period are being released early to get them home for the holidays. Farmers in the United States raised a record average of 81.2 bushels of corn per acre in 1969. Zales Has The Best.

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The Selma Times-Journal from Selma, Alabama (2024)
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