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Selma, Alabama

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THE 1ILMA TIMES-JOURNAL fWSOAT, JVi JT 10, 141 STIVE CANYON By MILTON CANIFF May Writes For Nichols NEW YORK UfV- The comedy team of Mike Nichols and Elaine May returns to Broadway next sea-turi in altered shape. Nichols will portray the lead role In "A Matter of Position," a play written by Miss May as hei first White Way venture. Fred Coe is )o produce and also direct the en-ti rtainment. Miss May describes the work as concerning a men who cannot bedr NOT to be liked by BOX STORAGE Dye Service Wool Items of all klnda Moth-Proof, Mildew Treatment Furs Cleanrd, Stored, Kug Care 14-Hr. Automatic laundry Dopt.

BURSON LAUNDRY-CLEANERS 723-725 Jeff Pavla A ve. TR 1-2431 for pick up service WE GIVE LA ill STAMPS BLONDIE By CHIC YOUNG EDITOR is NOTE- Program modules usted Here ar aa a public service to our readers and ae courtesy to tbs stations ooooerned Program changes are made only upon Instructions from the individual ing are tbs result at the broadcaster's failure to notify this newspepei stations, or from a log submitted by them Ln correct at erroneous Hat of such desired changes ana any complaints in this sonnecUoa should oe directed to the TV station and not to Tho Timas-Journal Th cost of higher education went up more than I thought! It will cost $400 to send you to college next fall! WS LA-TV (8) TUESDAY IO. 1:00 Jane Wyman Presents 1:30 Seven Keys 2:00 Queen For A Day 2:30 Who Do You Trust 3:00 Cannonball 3:30 Your Star Showcase 4:00 Channel 8 Extra 4:30 U.S. Air Force Film 5:00 The Little Rascals 5:30 News, Weather and Sports 5:45 ABC Evening Report 6:00 The Rebe Gosdin Show 8:30 Bugs Bunny 7:00 Bachelot Father 7:30 The New Breed 8:30 Yours for a Song 9:00 Alcor Premiere 9:30 Close-up 10:00 Evening News Review 10:05 Broken Arrow 10:35 New York Confidential 11:05 Final Edition THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By WILSON SCRUGGS 'DO YOU DUN BUT VOU ARE YuSTW, I DOwV BCntSMCLV JUL005 OF LAKY) HAVCTOHAM6 AflOUUD HSTB AUD I4CTCN TO ARNOLD? WBRC-TV 1 CAPTAIN EASY Tuesday 6 WEDNESDAY A.M.- 5:00 Religious Series 5:30 Morning Devotional 5:35 Auburn Digest, ETV 5:50 Market Report News 6:05 Country Boy Eddy 6 30 News 6:30 Country Boy Eddy 7:00 News 7:05 Morning Show 7:30 News 7:30 Morning Show 7:55 News 8:00 Amos and Andy 8:30 Search 8:43 Guiding Light 9:00 Ladies Hr me Theatre 10:00 Ernie Ford 10:30 Yours For Song 1 1 00 Camouflage Window Shopping 12:00 Aa World luma 12:30 December Bride 1:00 Jane Wyman 1:30 Seven Keya 2:00 Queen For A Day By TURNER loNB 0FTMHA4 AaOODAlBLRfTlit 2:30 Who Do You Trust 1:00 Brighter Day 2:15 Secret Storm 1:30 Young People's World 3.35 Bozo The Clown 4:00 Bugs Bunny 4:30 Whirlybuds 6:00 Highway Patrol 5:30 Ala. Newsreel 4:45 Evening Report 6:00 Deputy 6:30 Bugs Bunny 7:00 Bachelor Father 7:30 The New Breed 8:30 Yours For A Song 9:00 Alcoa 9:30 News 10:00 Medicare Haze) 11:00 Late News 11:05 Home Theatre 12:30 News Headlines St Weather HEJDCTTIWM6TO HMBl I IiTELsO WB HWE 0 COUDWT 6NE ffltl CLEAR ME! I MART JUPPE TOUR rr-vm rOMFtSWOHSJMCT gecMKEHEDCWT GULTy PROOF, WE CAN'T EITHER! wwnMomtot' RATHER THAN RISK SUIT FOR FALSE AIWESSWEBETTK mkop 11 TEMPORAL ILYll 'Before I say another word, Herbie, promise to keep your eyes olosed! te Preview Puxxie SYLVANIA TV MORTY MEL.CLE By DICK CAVILLI I GT-555 Adjusts Set tor Best Possible Picture, Aetemettcefy Pepper's Radio Service TV Rentals weekly Complete TV A Radio gsrilaa 2988 Perham Phone 2-3841 48 Warn BUSK 50 Office holders 51 EagUsb streuL SYLVANIA TY 44 Experts 4BOtnetiee WSFA-TV 3:00 Make Room For Daddy 3:30 Heres aywood 3:55 NBC News 4:00 Kukla Si Ollie 4:05 Popeye 5:00 Bull winkle 5'30 Guest Room 5:45 Huntley -Brinkley Report 6:00 We wsroEim.

(12) Tuesday 8:15 Weatherman 8:25 Sports 6:30 Int. Showtime 7:30 Third Man 8:00 Dick Powell 9:00 Cains 100 10:00 Night Beat 10:30 Hitchco*ck 11:00 Tonight Show ALLEY OOP By HAMLIN 1 2 WEDNESDAY AM. 12 43 down 1 Beersd votes 3 Decay 6:00 Continental Classroom oday 7:25 Today in Alabama 7:30 1'oday 8:25 Pastor's Study 3:30 Today 9 :00 Dough Re Ml 10 30 Concentration Youi Hunch iHgi Price is Right 10:30 Consentration 11:00 First Impression 11:30 Truth or Consequences 11:55 News 12:00 News 12:15 Market 12: 30 Riley 1:00 Jan- Murray 1:30 Loretta Young 2:00 Purex Special SSSRS THIS APPARATUS SON? Bx3S.

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